LOWE logic


If you have benefitted from my skill and experience (outside of a commercial or contracted arrangement) you may feel the need to contribute a little (or a lot, depending upon how great your benefit has been) to my financial security or at least my personal well-being.

Choose a gift from an Amazon wish-list and have it sent directly to meChoose a gift from an Amazon wish-list and have it sent directly to meTo help you out in this respect, I've used Amazon's Wish-list feature to present a collection of examples of the kind of thing I might like to receive. You can use Amazon to buy on-line and have your gift delivered directly to me. Amazon will package your item along with your details, so unfortunately you can't use this system to make anonymous donations. I hope that doesn't put you off.

You can choose from a range of items I've added to my list. I've tried to keep a range of types and prices to suit all tastes and budgets. If these are a bit more than you were thinking of giving, please read on...

PayPal logoYou can send a gift of money, in your preferred currency and as much or a little as you like. PayPal's systems will handle the payment for you. To begin, all you have to do is choose one of the options below. When you get to the PayPal web site you can choose an amount and a payment method. You don't need a Paypal account, as PayPal can accept all major cards and keeps your information secure at all times. Your card details won't be revealed to anyone - not even the person you're paying, so you can have confidence in the transaction.

Make your gift
in Sterling (GPB)
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in US Dollars (USD)

Of course, physical or monetary gifts aren't everything The best things in life aren't things. - Art Buchwald. I'd be very happy to receive anything else you might like to give if only you can find a way to get it to me :-)


Money spinning idea!

There's no way I could get this on to any commercial or business footing, not least because I suspect that by introducing any obligation or formality I'd need to comply with untold amounts of red tape and safeguards, so let's keep this purely informal and in no way obligatory on either party...

That said, here's the idea. Beginning at some arbitrary date (and time) and ending at some future arbitrary date (and time) ...

I will give the sender of the largest single monetary gift an amount
equal to half the total value of monetary gifts received in the period.

There. That's all there is to it. For the hard of thinking, here's an example...

Say 10 generous donors make gifts of 1 GBP in the period, and 5 more give 2 USD, and 2 give 3 EUR and 1 more generous than the rest gives 5 USD.

The largest single gift is 5 USD (about 3.02 GBP), and the total given equates to about 15.19 GPB.

I will give the person who sent 5 USD a gift of 7.60 GBP (that's 12.55 USD as I write this).

Everyone who gave can rest assured that their gift is appreciated, and the person who gave most generously gets rewarded more than two-fold! How can this fail? Only by the mean-spiritedness of miserly visitors.

Of course, this is only for fun. There's no contract and no promise and no obligation. Give only if you really want to. Don't feel you must and, above all, don't rely on the potential return from being the most generous.

If you are a regular visitor here you may have seen this before. I ran a short trial but apparently it was too short - nobody participated (sigh) - so this time I'm going to leave it running a little longer.

The scheme starts now (that's 3:45 on Wednesday 1 July 2009 (GMT)) and ends at midnight on Sunday 14 June 2010 (GMT). Good luck to all who contribute!

So much for the money spinning idea!

The scheme ran for over 11 months and not one contribution was received. I wonder whether this speaks of the mean-spiritedness of this site's readership, or simply a lack of readership.